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Beavers Bend Resort Park is an incredible place to visit. Whether you enjoy hiking trails, horseback riding, fishing, golfing, or ATV riding this is a place you should bring the family. I have cabin camped and tent camped here and our family has loved it all. The Quachita National Forest is an incredible place to hike, families can choose a variety of short or long hikes. Broken Bow Lake is 14,000 acres of water so you can imagine all the fun that can be had on the large lake.

The highlight of our trip was our fun afternoons spent on the ATV trails throughout the Ouachita National Forest. Hundreds of miles of forest land where we could all enjoy an outdoor adventure. We loaded up 5 of our little explorers and away we went. We road for 3 hours straight one afternoon and we never took the same trail twice. I appreciated how clearly the trails were marked. Our kids thought this was so fun, to quote my 4-year-old it was “the best day ever”!

We stayed at an amazing cabin that was able to hold our large crew and it included all the amenities that we enjoy. If you’re looking for a great cabin in the area check out Beavers Bend Creative Escapes. We stayed in their Lazy Bear Lodge cabin and we thought it was beautiful and had everything we would want from our home away from home. We loved celebrating our in-laws 30th Anniversary in Oklahoma. Our kids made memories around the campfire that they won’t soon forget, and neither will we.

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