Souvenir Ideas For Kids

Souvenir ideas for kids

Souvenir Ideas For Kids

Have you ever received a souvenir gift from someone? Don’t you appreciate the authenticity of where it came from? It can be a daunting task trying to pick out the right souvenir for kids. If your planning to go on a new adventure and you’re wanting to bring back the perfect souvenir for your little ones then here are some suggestions.

Ask the Locals

 Often times there are popular toys or musical instruments that are common to the area. Perhaps the locals can make suggestions based on what kids there enjoy playing with.


Money isn’t a very exciting gift for kids UNLESS it comes from another place around the world! My kids have a special piggy bank for their “new” coins.

Avoid Breakables 

I cannot stress enough how disappointing it is for kids to be excited over a new gift and then to break it before they get to enjoy it. Things with small pieces or that are easily broken are not ideal for kids. 


Think Outside the Gift Shop

 My kids love when I bring back maps or menus from our trips. In addition to a cool souvenir, these add to the fun! We love marking the places we visited on the maps and highlighting the foods we ate along the way.

One of the best souvenirs that our kids received was from their uncles who visited India. They brought each kid their very own authentic outfit. I just loved this idea and thought it made for some adorable pictures!! What a beautiful gift these were!

We want to hear from you! What’s the best souvenir gift you or your child has received?

Comment below to let us know. 

Tips on souvenir Ideas for kids

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