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When Mom Takes A Kid-Free Trip To Costa Rica

We are passionate about traveling with our kids. We love the experiences we get to have, the memories we get to make, and the time we get to spend together. However, when the opportunity presented itself for us moms to go to Costa Rica we started packing immediately for this adventure. Costa Rica has always been on our “destination wish list” and getting to take a break from motherhood was a refreshing change (no diaper changes for a week).

 We got to experience GROUP travel with an amazing company called WHOA. They are a women’s travel group that organizes and arranges travel to several different locations around the world. There were 12 women from different parts of the U.S on this adventure together. This was my very first experience with group travel, to read more about it see our post on “What I Learned About Group Travel“.

 Costa Rica was everything I had imagined it would be and then some. What I loved about our trip was that we experienced Costa Rica differently from most tourists. I know that some people enjoy 5 stars all-inclusive resorts and that’s wonderful, however, I went to Costa Rica for an adventure and that’s exactly what I got!!

We flew into San Jose and stayed at the most adorable hotel that was located downtown Casa 69. The rooms were nicely decorated, the water was hot and the breakfast was delicious. They also seem to really like their cats because they could be seen walking around the hotel enjoying the attention from the guests. I highly suggest staying at local places like these instead of a major hotel chain. I say this because you get a truly authentic feel for where you are. Don’t limit yourself by sticking to only what you know. Embrace the adventure and the cats you may meet along the way.

“Don’t limit yourself by sticking to only what you know”

The Adventure Continues

We took a small plane from San Jose down to the Osa Peninsula. If you have never been on a small plane before then I can assure you this is part of the experience. My fear of heights and flying did not win this time (yes I have a fear of flying and a love of travel, we make it work). The villas (Laguna Vista Villas) we stayed at once we landed in the Osa were incredible. The freshest food you will ever eat and you are truly surrounded by animal wildlife. We woke up every morning to the sound of Howler monkeys outside our window.

We experienced hiking to waterfalls, boat tours to an animal refuge, kayaking at sunset, having dinner by candlelight every night and so much more. Someone we met at the airport on our way to the Osa assured us that we were headed to a very special place. At the time I didn’t understand what she meant by that, but now I do. We got to disconnect from the outside world and stay at a very remote place in the middle of the jungle! It’s going to be hard to top this travel experience.

Why You Should Take a Kid-Free Getaway

Our Costa Rica adventure added another stamp on my passport but more importantly, I got to experience a part of the world that everyone should at least see once. Will I take my kids there one day? ABSOLUTELY! I can’t wait to share that future adventure with you all! 

 Have you ever been to Costa Rica? If so, where do you stay? 


Why taking a kid-free trip to costa rica is the perfect destination for parents.

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