30 Lessons You Learn By The Age Of 30

30 lessons to learn by 30

30 lessons to learn by 30
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30 Lessons You Learn By The Age Of 30

March was a BIG month for me. I left my 20’s behind and stepped into my 30’s. I thought this moment would be hard for me. So many things took place in my twenties. I got married, had three kids, bought a house, and changed so much! When you start into your twenties you are still riddled with immaturity that can only be removed by time and experience. Moving into my thirties actually feels like a relief! I hope I can take the 30 lessons I learned and rock my thirties!

1. Time really does heal most wounds.

2. Coffee is life.

3. Kindness takes you further than any other quality.

4. Some things are better left unsaid.

5. Discovering your self-worth is crucial to picking the right relationships.

6. Never pass up the chance to tell someone you love them.

7. Naps are like little gifts you give yourself.

8. Traveling helps you find yourself.

9. Parenthood isn’t for the faint of heart.

10. Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of those around you.

11. Your metabolism DOES slow down…don’t be fooled!

12. Doing laundry becomes less of a chore and more of an art.

13. You grow out of being self-obsessed.

14. The right pair of shoes can really enhance your quality of life.

15. The best life-lessons will come from your mistakes.

16. DIY projects become more frequent with age.

17. Your circumstances are largely a reflection of the choices you make.

18. Pets are good for your health.

19. No is an answer.

20. You will never run out of excuses.

21. Maintenance on your home, vehicle, and health are NOT optional.

22. Love is not overrated and always worth waiting for.

23. Binge watching Netflix is therapy.

24. Responsibilities change you.

25. It’s ok to forgive, it’s also ok NOT to forget.

26. Swings, trampolines, and sprinklers are fun no matter what age you are.

27. Stepping outside your comfort zone can dramatically change your life.

28. Attitude is everything, seeing the glass half full is a choice.

29. Time is the most valuable thing you have.

30. One moment can change everything.

Do you have any life lessons you can add to this list?

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Here are 30 lessons you learn by the age of 30. Life lessons that you learn along the way. #lifelessons


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