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Lessons we learn from Disneys Finding Nemo

5 Lessons We Learn From Finding Nemo

How many times would you say you’ve watched Finding Nemo? To be honest, I can’t count how many times my three daughters and I have snuggled on the couch to watch this classic! Did you know it was released in theaters on May 30th, 2003? My jaw dropped when I realized it was 13 years ago that I first watched this wonderful movie! Just like most of you, I am so excited to be heading back to the theaters to enjoy the sequel, Finding Dory!

As I reflect back on the original Finding Nemo, I realize how many valuable lessons we learn from this animation. I came up with 5 to share with you. I fully expect that Finding Dory will follow the footsteps of this already beloved classic. I eagerly anticipate watching this new movie with my family soon!

1. Just Keep Swimming  

You knew this was coming! It’s a term we’ve quoted over and over again in the past 13 years. I’ve reminded my spouse, my children, and myself many times how important it is to continue on! In life sometimes we may feel like our fish tank it overflowing, other times it feels as though the water is gone and we are just flopping around. Whatever our current situation, we must keep swimming! Sometimes the best things are just ahead of us and we will never get there if we stop swimming, stop believing, or give up.


2. Make Friends Along The Way  

Didn’t you love all the friends that Nemo and Marlin made during their journey to find each other? They met sea turtles, other fish, and even sharks! Our life will send us in directions we would never have dreamed of going. We will have the opportunity to meet people we never expected to meet. We should embrace this and make all the friends we can! It took these new companions to help Marlin reunite with Nemo. It might take many hands to help us reach our goals. Don’t just use people as stepping stones in your life. Make a friend and be a friend.


3. Our Differences Make Us Special 

I’m sure we can all agree that Dory was a unique character in the movie. Her short-term memory problem was what made us love her. She might at first have seemed like she would be of no use to Marlin, however, we quickly learned that nothing could be further from the truth. She played a vital role and what made her different is also what made her special. Our differences are something that should be celebrated!

4. There Is A Great Big World Outside Of Our Comfort Zone  

Do you remember how fearful Marlin was about doing things outside of his comfort zone? He tried very hard to control everything around him, including his own son. Granted, he had a reason for this behavior, he had suffered a major loss in his life. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? It wasn’t until Marlin was forced out of his comfort zone that he learned how beautiful the world around him was. His eyes were opened to a whole new perspective, a viewpoint or attitude that only happened by stepping outside of what he was comfortable with. Instead of being fearful of what you don’t know, be curious about what you might be missing!


5. Never Give Up On People You Care About  

This has to be the greatest lesson we learn from Finding Nemo. Marlin never gave up on finding his son. Giving up was not even an option. The odds were against him and the situation seemed impossible. Love motivated him to face his fears and to do whatever it took for his son. Do not easily give up on the people you love. Relationships are not always easy but they are always worth it.


5 life lessons we learns from Disneys Finding Nemo. Great lessons for kids and adults were found throughout the movie.

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  1. Five wonderful lessons that we should all learn from! So often we become discouraged and are ready to give up; on our goals, our desires, and on other people, but if we just wait…and do the best we can…things usually have a way of working out and prove to be definitely worth the wait.

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