Preserving Your Story: How To Save Your Photos

The Picture Keeper Connect makes it Simple and easy to backup your photos

Picture Keeper is a great way to save your photos and easily back them up

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Preserving Your Story: How To Save Your Photos

I’ll never forget the rush of sadness that came over me when I read an article that said my generation would be the start of forgotten memories. We have grown up in a digital world where we take pictures on our devices and then upload them to some mysterious cloud. We rarely have our photos printed out and the days of photo albums and scrapbooking seem to be fading fast. We’ve become so used to this process that we simply take it for granted.

The reality is that sometimes cloud spaces fail, our smartphones get misplaced or stolen, and when this happens we lose our memories. Our photos tell a story, they are a moment in time that was captured so that we could relive it again as we share it with our children or grandchildren. Is your story worth preserving?

This is why I’m working harder than ever to preserve my photo memories. I was excited when I learned about Picture Keeper Connect and how convenient it is for me to backup up my photos and videos. I’m now encouraging all my friends and family to do the same!

Picture Keeper Connect helps me save my photos which are very special to me.

How To Start Saving Your Photos

Let walk through how easy Picture Keeper Connect is to use. First, download the FREE app that is required to backup or restore your photos. This can easily be found in your app store (Apple or Android).

Download the FREE app to your smartphone.

Next, simply create an account with your e-mail address. Once you’ve created an account, it’s time to start saving your precious memories. You don’t have to be a tech genius to start backing up your photos, it’s as easy as hitting the orange “start backup” button!

Backup your photos easily with Picture Keeper.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Lose Photos

I carry my Picture Keeper Connect with me because I never know when I’m going to run out of space on my smartphone. Nothing upsets me more than when I’m taking photos of my three kids and I get a notification on my phone that says “out of storage space” Those days are over, now I simply connect my Picture Keeper Connect to my phone, transfer my new photos since my last backup and BOOM–just like that I have room to capture more special moments!

You Should Know:

  • You don’t need Wifi or data to transfer the files.
  • It knows to skip duplicate photos.
  • When the drive fills up you simply insert another one and it continues where it left off!
  • You can easily transfer photos between devices.
  • Get the size you need; 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB.

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Do you have a parent or grandparent who enjoys taking pictures on their phone but they have no idea how to get the pictures uploaded to their computer? The Picture Keeper would be the ideal gift for those in your life that need an easy and simple way to backup their photos.

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Never lose your photos again. Having a way to backup your photos is key to preserving your story!

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