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how to keep kids busy on road trips. Road trip treasure hunting.

How To Keep Kids Busy On Road Trips

Road trips with younger kids are fun but sometimes challenging. Being strapped in a car seat for hours at a time can make anyone a little cranky. We do fun things together in the car but sometimes you have to stop, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air! Our family has started something called “Thrifty Treasure Hunting”. Before each new road trip, all of our kids get a bag of quarters. Then, when we start to hear “are we there yet” or “how much longer until we get there” we know its time to stop and treasure hunt for a while.

How to keep kids busy on road trips

We navigate to the nearest thrift store and get all the kids out to search, dig and hunt for their new treasures! This is fun for the whole family! You never know what you will find at thrift stores and it really feels like you are treasure hunting.

On a recent treasure hunt, our girls found items that they played with for the rest of the trip. For just a few quarters each we were able to enjoy a quiet ride to our destination and the kids enjoyed playing with their “finds” at the hotel! This is an inexpensive way to help the kids stay happy during long road trips! It isn’t just the kids who benefit either, my husband and I found a tripod and tennis rackets on our last hunt! We hope you can give this a try with your family and when you do be sure to let us know what TREASURES you find!
How to keep kids busy on road trips
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A great tip for keeping kids busy during road trips. We have found that road trip treasure hunting is fun for the whole family.

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