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5 Ways To Get Motivated

Making a list of ways to stay motivated was much harder than listings all the ways someone can procrastinate! There are days when my to-do list is full and yet it might take me three cups of coffee and several pep-talks just to take a shower! I haven’t met anyone yet that doesn’t have an issue with staying motivated, it’s a real struggle at times. The good news is, there are ways in which we can help ourselves stay motivated.

1. Get Dressed

The best way to start a busy day is to get dressed as soon as possible. It’s much easier to take on the world in your jeans and tennis shoes vs your pj’s and slippers! Remember, Batman, Spider-Man, and Super-Man all perform their best work in their superhero outfits and so should you.

2. Make A List

It’s easier to prioritize and plan once you have everything you need to accomplish written down. A list helps you to visually stay on track. It’s also very rewarding to scratch things off the list once you complete them. Don’t underestimate the power of a good To-Do List!

3. Avoid Distraction

It’s important to know your weaknesses! Super-Man (back to the superhero analogy) knows he must avoid Kryptonite. Perhaps, your Kryptonite is your cell phone or television. If you want to stay motivated you will have to turn the cell phone on silent, leave the television off, and give yourself time to focus on the project at hand.

4. Find Inspiration

Whether it’s your favorite radio station or the picture of a finished project, find some way to motivate yourself. We can become passionate about something if we find inspiration to fuel our motives. ┬áIf I’m remodeling my kitchen, finding other finished DIY projects on Pinterest is a great way to keep me inspired.

5. Reward Yourself

Find ways to reward yourself for accomplishing your to-do list. These can be small incentives that motivate you to reach your goal. Perhaps, if I finish my kitchen remodel, I reward myself with a light fixture I really wanted or the rug I’ve had in my online shopping cart for the past 2 months. We can all appreciate a reward for reaching the finish line.

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6 Replies to “5 Tips For Staying Motivated”

  1. Distractions get me every time! Dirty dishes in the sink, kids clothes all over the floor, social media. These are all such time sucks so I pick the task that has the biggest priority that day, focus only on completing that task and move on to the next. If its writing for my blog I go into the baby’s room where it is calm and quiet!

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