The Importance Of Showing Kindness When Traveling

The importance of showing kindness when traveling.

The importance of showing kindness when traveling.

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Kindness can not be talked about, blogged about, or sung about enough! As you travel with your family or if you are off on a solo adventure it’s very important that you remember this. You want to lead with kindness no matter what new or different situations come your way.

“Lead with kindness”

While flying home with my daughter who was only a year and a half old at the time, she started crying at take-off. We desperately did EVERYTHING we knew to do to calm her. However, two hours later she was still upset. What I remember most about this situation, is not the fact that she cried all the way from Orlando to Dallas but rather the way people around me made me feel. If even ONE of those fellow passengers had patted me on the shoulder in an effort to comfort me I would have felt so much better. Instead, all I saw were burning stares and ugly whispers. Little did we know, soon after, my daughter was diagnosed with a medical issue. This could have been the cause of the non-stop crying.

Pack Kindness - The Importance Of Showing Kindness

The passengers of that flight will never know the “rest of the story” and I don’t owe it to them. The POINT is why do we need to know the “rest of the story” to show kindness? We don’t know everyone’s situation or everyone’s story but the good thing is KINDNESS doesn’t require knowledge.

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As you travel across state lines or international waters keep an open mind. You do not know what people might be going through. ALWAYS have an open hand that’s ready to assist if needed. Earlier I mentioned the types of people you might meet along your journeys. What about the guy who knocked over your coffee as he was rushing down the aisle? Did you know he was trying to make his connecting flight to be by his dying mother’s side? Or what about the women who was too busy on her cell phone at the check-out counter to say thank you. Did you know she was reading an email from her boss letting her know she’d been laid-off?

So today as we go about our busy schedules and plan our next big adventure, let’s remember the importance of kindness. Oh, and the next time you get put on a plane with a mom and her crying kid, do me a favor, let her know it’s going to be OK.

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The importance of showing kindness when traveling. You may never know the rest of someones story.

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