How to Be Fearless and Confident

How to become fearless and confident in 2018 goals

How to Be Fearless and Confident

It’s not often that I write personal posts here on my blog. I consider myself to be reserved and I feel vulnerable when I let my fingers type the thoughts that are stored in my heart instead of my head. However, I have goals this year and one of them is to be more fearless and confident. This is the first step…

Rewind back to a “few” years ago, I was a 17-year-old girl who moved out on her own. I was clueless but brave, young but confident. I reminisce about and envy that girl. Where did she go?

She became a wife, a mother, and in the mix of all that — she became fearful.

Learning to Let Go

Why do we feel fearful instead of fearless? There are many contributing factors. Perhaps, it’s our environment or maybe it’s our past experiences. For me, it’s a combination of being stuck in the “what ifs” of life and comparing myself to everyone else. Why do we do that to ourselves?

My goal this year is to let those paralyzing feeling go. Of course, I might not be able to do it perfectly, but I’ll give it my best shot. I don’t want to live in the future, I want to embrace the present — fearlessly.

lt’s time to stop fearing that I don’t measure up by comparing myself to others. I want to celebrate my accomplishments without weighing them against someone else’s.

Learning to let go so that we can be fearless and confident

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How Do We Start?

We will start by believing in ourselves! Continue to grow your weaknesses until they become your strengths. Pursue what ignites the fire inside your bones.

Fearless: free from fear

We will stop letting opportunities pass us by because fear took us as its prisoner. Try turning fear into gratitude. Whenever you start to feel fearful about what you’re facing, remember to be grateful that this situation is in front of you. I’m fearful to publish this article, but I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to hopefully inspire someone.

The Bridge Between

The bridge between fearful and fearless is built with honesty. Have you ever been limited by your fear of having a conversation? When we have the opportunity to honestly open up about how we feel, often times, our fears naturally dissipate. Real talk can never be underestimated. Sometimes the hardest conversations are the ones we need to have with ourselves.

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Face It Head On

Do you remember what it was like learning to ride a bike? You rode around everywhere until you built up the skill and confidence to take off the training wheels. No doubt, you might have felt apprehensive at first. However, you took the next step and you started to ride on your own. I know you didn’t become a professional bike rider overnight. No, you probably wiped out many times.

Much like that experience, we become fearless by taking risks. We might reach out for something and “wipe out”. DO NOT let this hinder you from moving forward. Get right back up and ride again. Challenge yourself once a week to take a risk on something that you normally would shy away from. Make it a habit to stare fear in the face.

Seek Help from Others

Your true friends and family want to see you succeed. Be open with them about your goals and how you hope to achieve them. Having a support system can help build your confidence. Find people who have similar goals as you do and discuss ways in which you can learn and grow from each other’s support. There is always someone out there who needs your support as much as you need theirs. Search for that person, don’t give up until you find them.

I sincerely hope that this has helped motivated you.

Feel free to leave a comment & share. Together we can become fearless and confident! 

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