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I did some research to find out what the top 3 posts on my website were during 2016. As a writer, you want to know what your audience is most interested in. It came as no surprise to me that my top 3 posts were all written to help improve someone’s life in one way or another. We use blogs, social media, and other various platforms to stay connected and informed. Here are my 3 top posts of 2016, all three posts were written to help improve your life.

3 Blog Posts That Will Help Improve Your Life

5 Things To Do Before Your First Cup Of Coffee

The majority of us roll out of bed each morning and stumble our way over to the coffee pot. This post focuses on 5 things you can do each day before your first cup of coffee that will hopefully improve your day. The best part is that all of these suggestions are easy, simple, and take very little time to complete. We hope you enjoy each task on the list and have a more productive day because of it!

3 Blog Posts That Will Help Improve Your Life

   What I Wish I’d Known Before My Phone Was Stolen

This summer my phone was stolen. I was devastated, the phone could be replaced but not the priceless photos that I lost. I had no idea how important it was to back up your device or to have certain apps installed that can help you locate your device if ever it’s lost or stolen. A friend suggested I take this negative experience and write about it. By writing about my experience and what I wish I would have known before my phone was stolen, I can hopefully help someone else avoid the mistakes that I made. Always find a way to turn lemons into lemonade!

3 Blog Posts That Will Help Improve Your Life

    How To Save For Your Next Travel Adventure

I really enjoyed writing this post because it shows how easy it can be to save for your next travel adventure. The top two reasons why people don’t travel is time and money. In this article, I have explained an easy way you can start saving today. My family loves making small sacrifices during the year so that we can make big memories on our trips together.

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