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There are so many reasons to love traveling. The lessons your children learns from travel are special and important. #familytravel #travel

What I Want My Kids To Learn From Travel


The World is a Great Big Place 

My children are being raised in a small town in the middle of East Texas. Although I love some of the amazing benefits you get when growing up in a small town, I don’t want to limit their understanding or knowledge of this GREAT BIG WORLD! I didn’t get my passport until I was 27 years old and my daughter got hers at 6 months old. Even if all of your adventures are within your own country, you can explore more than the typical destinations that are popular among families. Why not a road trip to less common places? Perhaps, stay at beautiful state parks along the way. Knowledge is power, so let’s teach our kids that there is a great big world outside of their hometown.

Want My Kids To Learn From Traveling


I’ll never forget the first time my children saw the ocean. Or the excitement in my 5-year-old’s voice as we were cave exploring in the Dominican Republic. The world has so much beauty that even if I traveled my entire life I wouldn’t be able to experience it all. From the rainforest to the desert, there are an endless amount of breathtaking views.

 Looking back on pictures I’ve taken, I get saddened by how they cannot possibly do justice to seeing it with my own eyes. I look forward to seeing my children’s faces light up, and knowing that those memories will be something they cherish all their lives. Beauty is everywhere, let’s go find it!

Want My Kids To Learn From Traveling

Travel Changes You  

When you travel you have to be willing to open your mind and heart. You get to learn more about yourself and more about the world around you. Sometimes you get put into situations that test you and when you get through that experience you are braver, stronger, and more determined than ever. I wish this for each of my children. May their adventures help change, shape, and mold them into who they want to be.

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