Why LEGO Products Are Building The Future

Why LEGO and STEM education is so important for kids.

Why LEGO Products Are Building The Future

Let me explain why LEGO products are building the future. I have three girls and all of them enjoy creating with LEGO bricks. My oldest, who is 7, is especially fond of them. She can use her imagination to think of the most amazing things and then use LEGO bricks to create a real-life version of it. She has spent many hours with her dad designing things such as cars for outer space or robot pets. Her mind is her greatest tool.

We live in a world where technology is rapidly growing. As a parent, I worry that my children will use their hands less to create and build and more to text and Facebook. As a child, I remember going outside and building pretend houses out of whatever we could find. Staying indoors on electronics was NOT part of my childhood. I would be lying if I said my kids didn’t use electronics. They each have their own tablet, they watch movies on Netflix, and my 3 years old knows how to take pictures and answer calls on a smartphone! That’s just normal life in the 21 century! I’m not pushing against the ever-changing world of advanced technology, but I am suggesting that we don’t let it rob our children of the inventive childhood that generations before them have enjoyed.

“Staying indoors on electronics was NOT part of my childhood”

When was the last time your child planted something and watched it grow, rode their bike outside for hours, or helped out a neighbor? We should never train our children to hide behind a monitor or screen that limits their ability to enjoy the world around them. LEGO products encourage children to use their hands and imagination together. You can’t swipe a screen or hit the enter button to create something, NO, you have to use your creative thinking ability. I don’t know about you, but that’s a skill I want my children to have as they enter adulthood!

Why LEGO Products Are Building The Future

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The Importance Of STEM Education

STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) is very important and LEGO products are a great tool. They help inspire and mold a child’s knowledge and skills into an innovative and imaginative hands-on classroom. These are our future engineers, microbiologists, and mathematical technicians! That’s why I can confidently say that LEGO products are building the future, our children are the future.

Why LEGO Products Are Building The Future

Women make up 48% of the total U.S workforce and yet they hold fewer than 23% of STEM jobs. As a mother to three girls, I want their gender not to limit their opportunities. As parents, we should make it our resolve to find ways in which we can ‘unplug‘ and then reconnect our children with the basics. The building, creating, and discovering with our hands and minds is healthy and will help our children reach whatever goals they have for the future!

The next time you’re thinking about buying something new for your child, consider a Lego set and watch your children design a world that could possibly be the future!




Why STEM Education Is So Important

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