25 Road Trip Essentials for Kids

road trip essentials with kids
road trip essentials with kids
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25 Road Trip Essentials for Kids

Traveling with kids can be challenging, especially for long stretches on the road. Between boredom, hunger, spills, and kids just being kids, family road trips are sure to test your patience. Fortunately, there are several products that you can bring along for a fun, clean and stress-free family vacation. Here are 25 road trip essentials for kids. Enjoy planning your next vacation with this road trip packing list.

Food & Beverage

1. Munchkin Snack Catcher

Finally, no more digging Cheerios out from in between the seats! No-spill snack containers like the Munchkin Snack Catcher allow kids to reach in and grab food without having to open a container or remove a lid. Road trip snacks are essential and now you don’t have to worry about a mess!

2. Spill-Proof Tumbler Cup

Sippy cups should be a standard in the car anytime – for kids and adults. Spill-proof tumblers are precisely that, and these even have a silicone seal around the straw to catch minor leaks. Fill it up with water or your kids favorite juice and have peace of mind knowing you won’t have a puddle of liquid under their carseat by the time you arrive at your destination!

3. Electric Car Cooler

This large cooler plugs into the car’s power outlet to keep drinks cool and food fresh, so you don’t have to limit your travel snacks and meals. The soft-sided cooler is also collapsible and waterproof. 

4. Portable Bottle Warmer

If you are traveling with babies, a portable bottle warmer is a must. The Baby’s Brew warmer uses a rechargeable, cordless battery to prepare a bottle in under 10 minutes. Moms know that time is crucial when you have a crying baby! This bottle warmer is a life-saver. 

5. Car Trash Can

Snacking in the car always results in kids handing you garbage and nowhere to put it (and worse when it is wet, sticky, or leaking). A waterproof car trash like this one will keep your car clean and organized.

Health & Safety

6. Travel First Aid Kit

You can never be too prepared when it comes to safety. The Red Cross Deluxe All-Purpose First Aid Kit has everything you need, plus it stores nicely in the car. We always recommend traveling with one.

7. Safe Family Kit

The pandemic has changed the way we travel. The Safe Family Kit has masks, sanitizers, alcohol wipes and sanitizer to protect your family and others.

8. Back Seat Mirror

If you are traveling with infants or still using rear-facing car seats, mirrors can provide peace of mind by allowing you to quickly check in on your little one without having to pull over.

9. Flushable Wipes

Sticky fingers, spills, accidents, you can never have enough wipes. Flushable wipes are also crucial for questionable rest stops along the way. Wipes will always be a staple for every road trip we take.

10. Motion Sickness Relief for Kids

Don’t forget to pack the Dramamine. Long drives can cause car sickness for many kids, especially if they are reading or watching movies on the move. This is one of those items that if you ever have to use it you’ll be glad you packed.

Car Solutions

11. Window Sun Shade

Not only do car window sun shades block direct sunlight and keep your kids cooler, but they also can prolong car naps by keeping the backseat space darker.

12. Car Organizer

Hanging back seat car organizers keep everything the kids will need at their reach. That means no more unnecessary stops to get a toy or snack from the trunk. 

13. Travel Tray

We are all about car organizers! Kids come with a lot of stuff and being able to organize it all is so helpful for long road trips. Travel trays are great for activities and snacking, keeping everything organized in front of your kids instead of scattered on the seat or floor.

14. Car Diaper Caddy and Portable Changing Station

This caddy will keep all of your items organized, not just diaper essentials, plus it is collapsible when it isn’t being used. If you are traveling with young children who are still in diapers, a portable changing station and diaper caddy will keep diaper changes convenient and clean. 

15. Child Head Support

The NapUp child head support attachment is made for car seats. This accessory allows kids to fall asleep safely and comfortably in an upright position. 

Electronics for Kids

16. Headphones

This must-have travel item is more for the parents than the kids. Parents can enjoy some quiet time while the kids keep their movie or game volume on with these affordable headphones available in vibrant colors.

17. Headphone Splitter

One tablet, but two kids? No problem. Grab a headphone splitter so both children can watch a movie wearing their separate headphones.

18. Kids Tablet 

The Fire 7 Kids Edition Table includes access to Amazon Kids+ for over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content, for one year. It also has a 2-year worry-free guarantee for any breaks, although it already has a kid-friendly case. Each of our three kids has their own Amazon Fire tablet and we’ve them replaced using the 2-year worry free guarantee and we highly recommend going this route when purchasing a tablet for kids.

19. iPad Case

If they already have a tablet, this kid-friendly case has handles for an easy grip, plus a strap that hangs on the headrest. It also comes in fun colors and is made of a silicone soft-gel, which is safer in the car.

20. External Charger

With multiple phones and tablets being used on a road trip, someone is bound to run out of battery. Portable chargers will come to the rescue when you are relying on electronics for directions, entertainment, or emergencies.

Road Trips Toys & Games for Kids

21. Gel Window Clings

Gel window clings are a hit at home and in the classroom, so why not bring some along in the car? They are easy to remove and even reuse.

22. Paint by Sticker Activity 

Arts and crafts are usually off the table for car rides, so it can be difficult to find fun road trip activities that keep kids busy without relying on technology. Sticker kits allow kids to get creative and use their imagination without the mess.

23. Road Trip Maps for Kids

Get your kids involved in the journey with classic paper maps or geography activity books. You can also use free apps like Google Maps, so they can follow along and map out destinations on a smartphone or tablet.

24. Car Games for Kids

The Scavenger Hunt travel card game will keep the kids entertained as they search for items on the road. It is the perfect game to play with your kids or to allow them to play among themselves.

25. Travel Journal & Activity Book

Make your road trip memorable with a travel journal for kids. This travel journal also includes fun-filled activities to stay busy on the way.

Road Trip Tips

In addition to preparing for the trip with these road trip essentials for kids, remember to stop frequently for restroom breaks and to allow the kids to burn off some energy and stretch their legs. For long drives, dress your kids comfortably – pajamas are great! Make sure snacks are kid-friendly – easy for them to enjoy independently and not a choking hazard. The goal is to keep the kids happy (fed, comfortable, and entertained) and to reduce distractions for a safe drive.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring along the RIGHT stroller when traveling with kids. Check out this list from TravelingMom.com on the Best Travel Stroller: Easy To Use And Lightweight Strollers

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