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earn 2 percent cash back by shopping at SAMS

This post is sponsored by DOSH and contains affiliate links. The content and opinions are my own.

How I’m Earning More and Shopping The Same

Have you ever started a diet and found that you were unable to handle the pressure? This happens to me and I just end up eating more! It’s a terrible trick my brain plays on me. The exact same thing happens when I’m trying to save money. If I have to change my shopping habits, stay organized, mail-in rebates, or scan receipts, forget it! I’ll just end up spending more money trying to avoid the hassle of saving money.

It’s a problem…or should I say was a problem.

When I learned about DOSH, I was thrilled to finally be able to earn cash back without jumping through hoops. Hassle-free ways to save are exactly what I need and I imagine this would appeal to you too.

How Easy It?

Great question!! Let’s walk through the steps to show you how easy it is to start saving with DOSH.

Step 1: Download the App.

Step 2: Link your credit or debit card.


Saving with the DOSH app

Step 3: Look for cash back offers nearby or online.

Using the dosh app to search for ways I earn cash back near me

Step 4: Once you take advantage of these offers with one of the cards that you linked with the DOSH app, you will automatically earn cash back.

WOO HOO — you just learned how to start saving money in four simple steps!

On our recent monthly trip to Sam’s Club, I was free to shop the same as I normally do. I used my debit card that’s linked to my DOSH app. A few days later my cash back showed up in my DOSH wallet. On top of the 2% cash back I got from shopping at Sam’s Club, DOSH rewarded me for sharing my saving on social media. This earned me 2x the amount of cash back!

Earning cash back on places you are already shopping at.


Shop The Same and Earn More

There is a lot of money-saving apps out there. So why DOSH? I choose to use this app because I can shop the exact same and earn more. I haven’t changed my shopping habits, collected receipts or had to scan any coupon codes. In fact, if my phone battery gives out before I get to the store (which happens often), I don’t have to worry about it! Once you link your card, DOSH does the rest.

Download the app today and earn $5 just for signing up!


Saving money and earning cash back can be easier than you think. Check out how you can start in 4 easy steps. #sponsored



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