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This post is sponsored by DOSH. The content and opinions are my own.

The All-New DOSH App: Cash Back Has Never Been So Easy

I’m an avid user of handy apps that I can download onto my cell phone to make my life a little easier. The Apple store or Google Play has a huge selection of different apps to chose from. My favorite types of apps are ones that save my family money. Let’s be honest though, if saving money is dependant on me remembering to scan receipts or apply coupon codes, then it probably isn’t going to happen. You are going to want to download DOSH for a hassle free way to save money.

Here is what DOSH says about their all-new app:

“Dosh puts money back into the pockets of consumers and businesses alike using breakthrough technology to eliminate the wasted spend from advertising and most transactions. Dosh searches for cash and chases it down – relentlessly searching out offers to give cash back to users.

No cutting coupons, no scanning receipts, no searching for offers. Dosh users simply spend as they normally would and watch the cash pile up.”

Start Earning Money Right Away

Earning money right away is easy with DOSH. I linked my credit card on the app and I instantly made $5.00! Don’t worry all of your information is safe within the app, check out their privacy policy for more information.

Refer friends and earn $5 each time they sign up! appcash

Invite Friends and Get a $5 Credit

Earn $5 each time someone signs up using your refferal link. Easily share your link by using the SHARE button within the app. Get the word out about how you are using this great app and you can get paid for it!

Share your referral link to start earning money with the DOSH app appcash

I also love that you can share a GIF with your refferal link, because any occasion is a good occasion for using a GIF! Download the app using my refferal link!

Look For Local Deals

This is especially important to me. When traveling, I always look for hotel deals and the best price on local activities. There are incredible money saving options within the app, check out this deal I found for a hotel in Dallas, TX:

You can save a lot of money when traveling by using the DOSH app and booking hotels appcash

Look at all the money you could be saving! Download the app today and see how easy it is to get cash back for your purchases!

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