The Best Tip For Saving Money When Booking Hotels

Saving money when booking hotels is possible with DOSH app

Saving money when booking hotels is possible with DOSH app
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The Best Tip For Saving Money When Booking Hotels

While traveling, accommodations can easily be one of your biggest expenses. We take a lot of road trips which means we stay at one hotel after another. I have used a handful of various websites to compare prices in hopes of getting the best deal. Even though I was saving money by shopping and comparing, I still felt like there had to be a better way to save. I’m not good at keeping up with points and rewards so these types of money saving tip wouldn’t work for me.

I was thrilled when I was introduced to the DOSH app. On our most recent road trip to Orlando, Florida, I used the app to book a hotel stay and I’m excited to share with you how simple and easy the experience was.

Find The Best Deal With DOSH Cash Back

First, let’s discuss how easy it is to find the best deal. It’s as simple as downloading the app to your device (use this link). Once you have done that click on the Travel section of the app. This allows you to pick what area you are looking for a hotel in, how many stars you prefer, and the number of people traveling with you.

Here is an example.

We search for a hotel in the Dallas, TX area for 2 people and with no less than 2 stars:

Cash back is easy with DOSH, book a hotel and earn money back


Check out the results! Do you see how much DOSH cash back you can earn? You can get $110 Dosh back on the 4-star Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX!

Save money when booking through the DOSH app, you will get the best deal and get cash back!

You are getting the best price available for these hotels and you are earning a ton of cash back. Travelers are are finding this to be the best option for booking hotels during their vacations, business trips, and more!

Receiving Your Cash Back

What about receiving your cash back? Are you wondering how this process works? I prefer when someone shows me how something works versus telling me. So here is my booking experience using the DOSH app.

I booked a hotel to stay at on our way to Florida, here is my DOSH cash back details:

Earning cash back on hotels I've booked is easy with the DOSH app

I earned cash back on my hotel stay and I deposited it into my bank account. It was that simple! The minimum Dosh balance to transfer is $15, however, I have found many ways to earn cash back so this minimum was easy to reach.

Other Ways To Use DOSH

DOSH is great for more than saving money while traveling. Use it for your everyday shopping and dining! Link your credit card and check the DOSH app to see where they are offering cash back. Use the credit card you have linked with the app and POOF, you just earned cash back. Download the app today!


Looking for ways to save money while traveling? We share the #1 tip for saving money when traveling and booking hotel rooms.

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