What I Learned About Group Travel

As I mentioned in a previous post I went on an amazing adventure to Costa Rica. I did this with a company called WHOA (Women High On Adventure). They are a women’s travel group that organizes and arranges travel to several different locations around the world. There were 12 women from different parts of the U.S on this adventure together. ┬áThis was my first experience traveling with a group. I discovered that this is an amazing way to travel so I thought I would share with you what I learned about group travel.

They Do All The Work, You Have All The Fun

Everyone knows that the hardest part of any travel experience is the planning. Where do we stay? What activities do we do? What transportation arrangements do I need to make ahead of time? These are all the headaches we have before we even reach our destination. In fact, all this pre-planning can be stressful. When you travel with a group all of the planning is left up to someone else. You get to just show up and have fun (seriously how smart is that?!)

Meet New Travel Companions

Be Patient

This is something you must do if you are going to enjoy yourself. You may wait longer than normal because now not only do you have to take a restroom break but so do 20 other people. The truth is things might not always work out as planned, which is understandable in every travel situations and more so with a large group. Just know ahead of time that if you have the right attitude you can really enjoy the benefits of group travel.

In most cases, Group Leaders have already been to the locations, tried out all the activities and arranged for you to enjoy the best of what they have discovered. Since they have “been there, done that” they know how to answer any questions you have ahead of time. There are other benefits such as feeling safer in a group and having others in your group who are fluent in different languages. Overall I had a great experience and hope you will too!

Have you ever traveled with a group? If so what was your experience?

Group Travel can be a great way to enjoy traveling to great destinations with people just like you. Less planning and less stress.

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