Why You Should Plan a Momcation to Walt Disney World

momcation ideas, visit Walt Disney World
momcation ideas, visit Walt Disney World
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Looking for Momcation Ideas? Here Is Why You Should Plan a Momcation to Walt Disney World

Momcation has been a hot topic lately on social media. I’ve seen several trending posts about this subject. All moms can agree that a vacation without the kids and husband is healthy every once in a while. This is not a post about why moms need a vacation because {DUH} were exhausted, over worked, under appreciated and we like taking a break from keeping small humans alive.

Not every mom has the circumstances to take a vacation away from her everyday life, we understand that too. Honestly, the amount of effort that I had to put forth just leave work, the kids and my husband for a few days was a little overwhelming. There were times when I questioned if it was going to be worth all the extra efforts. Not to mention the mom guilt that is always lurking, waiting for a moment to pounce on any moment of happiness that doesn’t include my family.

The short story is that Momcations are healthy, so I took one. If you’re looking for momcation ideas, here is why Walt Disney World is a great destination to visit kid-free.

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momcation ideas, visit Walt Disney World

You Get To Escape Reality

It’s very hard to step out of your day-to-day life and truly disconnect from your routine and schedule. Vacationing at Walt Disney World is like stepping onto another planet. Once the Disney Ears are on, the outside world fades for a while. Isn’t that the whole point of a momcation to escape reality?

That Kid Crying Isn’t Yours

You’ll miss your kids UNTIL you hear a child throwing a fit about the bump in his sock or how his brother took the last bite of his Mickey shaped ice cream. You don’t have to tie a shoe, wipe a butt, or give a death glare and nothing will remind you of that more than seeing other parents doing it.

momcation ideas, visit Walt Disney World

There are Fancy Things to Enjoy at Walt Disney World

Disney World isn’t just for kids, trust me, I’ll explain why. There are so many really cool experience at Disney World that are just better without kids. Check out this list:

Delicious Disney – Delicious Disney is a dining experience held at Markham’s, a private resturaunt at the Golden Oaks clubhouse. In case you didn’t know, you can live at Disney World. The residential area of Walt Disney World is called Golden Oaks.

Highway in the Sky Dine Around – This looks like a super fun dining experience. It’s a progressive dinner at 3 Disney resorts.

Unique Access Tours – VIP guided tours that includes exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences. There are several different tours to choose from.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival – Celebrate global cuisine and enjoying eating and drinking your way around the world. This is a seasonal event.

momcation ideas, visit Walt Disney World

You Get To Do What You Want To Do

This has to be the highlight of vacationing without your family. For the first time in a very, very, VERY long time, you’ll be able to do what YOU want to do.

Want to sleep in? DO IT!

Want to get up at 5am for extra extra magic hours? DO IT!

Need a nap? Want to go nonstop? DO IT!

Want to go to Star Wars Land and build your very own DROID? DO IT!

It’s time to let your inner kid out for while. Soak up this rare opportunity to enjoy Disney World doing only the things you want to do!

Looking for more momcation ideas? Follow along as we share our travel experience with and without the kids!

Visiting Disney World without kids.

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