Did You Know That You Can Live at Walt Disney World?

Did you know that you can live at Walt Disney World. Yes, at Disney Golden Oaks
Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Did You Know That You Can Live at Walt Disney World?

Wait, living at Walt Disney World isn’t just a dream? Not for some of the biggest Disney fans who are property owners at Golden Oaks in Orlando, Florida! The next time someone asks you where your dream home would be located you can tell them Golden Oaks!

What is Golden Oaks?

If you’re trying to imagine what a home would look like inside of Disney World just picture LUXURY, PRIVACY and of course the MAGIC of Disney! Calling Disney World your home is as expensive as it sounds, it will set you back no less than $1.8 million. How big is this residential area of Disney World? It’s 980 acres, so twice the size of Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios combined.

What are the homes like? No two homes are exactly alike and the architectural details are phenomenal. If you want to step out of reality and daydream for a while, check out the current homes available for purchase. There are only seven builders allowed to construct these houses.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

The Benefits of Living at Golden Oaks

In addition to purchasing a home, Disney residents must also pay an annual fee (like an HOA). We just assume that this fee covers the pixie dust that must rain down daily on the Golden Oaks homes.

If you’ve chosen to live at the “Most Magical Place on Earth” you’ll have access to the nearby Four Seasons Resort and their many amenities such as golf courses, restaurants, and a full-service spa. You’ll also enjoy your own Club Member Service team which is dedicated to assisting you.

The benefits don’t stop there. Don’t worry about transportation because it’s included with your own dedicated shuttles to the parks. Residents also get merchandise purchased in the parks delivered right to their door. These are just a few of the perks that the residents enjoy, there are many more.

Markham’s Resturant Inside the Golden Oaks Private Clubhouse

Let’s talk about one of the most exclusive Disney restaurants located in the Golden Oaks private clubhouse. If you thought reserving a table at Cinderellas Castle was a challenge, you won’t believe the price tag to dine at Markham’s. This is a private restaurant that’s only available to Golden Oaks residents, however, there is a way to check it out for yourself.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

You can see Golden Oaks for yourself by attending the Delicious Disney dining experience held at Markham’s restaurant. This is the ONLY time non-residents are able to visit. This is every Disney/Foodie’s dream come true! For a few hours, you’ll be on Golden Oaks property inside their private clubhouse dining like the local residents! An experience like this comes with a $349/per person price tag. This includes your meal with several courses, alcoholic beverages, taxes and gratuity.

The Delicious Disney Dining Experience

I’m calling Delicious Disney the best-kept secret at Disney World because until a couple of months ago I knew nothing about this one-of-a-kind experience! It’s a dining experience that’s unknown by even some of the biggest Disney fans.

I would call myself a “foodie”. I’ve been known to plan my whole day around my favorite places to eat and when I travel I enjoying eating the local dishes almost as much as I enjoy exploring the destination. I’ve always said that the heart of a destination is in their food. So when a friend called me up and asked if I wanted to join her on this exclusive Disney dining experience, I said “YES!”. Little did I know that this would turn into the best meal of my life!

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

Storytelling with Food

The Delicious Dining event is storytelling with food. Each dining event has a different theme and you’ll enjoy many courses, drink pairings and information as you go through this once in a lifetime experience. Our dinner event was a Tribute to Africa’s Big Five inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. We learned about five different animals in Africa and were informed about the many ways that Disney is helping to protect our precious wildlife. To read my full review of this experience click here.

The entire experience was worth the cost. It’s unknown at this time how long these events will be held so check the calendar and reserve this dining experience soon! It’s one of the only ways to sneak a peek at Golden Oaks!

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