First Time Flying: 7 Tips and Tricks

First time flying? We've got tips to help you!

First Time Flying: 7 Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to fly for the first time? We know this new experience can feel a little overwhelming and exciting at the same time. If you’re like me, you’ll want to be as prepared as you can be to help ease those “first-time” jitters. We’ve got 7 tips to help you as you embark on this new adventure!

Book Your Flight with Your Legal Name

The name on your ticket should match the name on your driver’s license or passport. This is very important!  If you shorten your name from Joshua to Josh, you will want to use your full legal name as it appears on your driver’s license and passport.

I’ve seen people have to move out of the line because their ticket information did not match what was on their passport, drivers license, or ID. It’s worth double checking that this information is listed correctly.

Weigh Your Luggage Before You Arrive at the Airport

If you’re checking in a bag, be sure to weigh it prior to arriving at the airport. It’s never fun being the person that is trying to take stuff out of your luggage to get it under the maximum weight limit. Check your airline’s weight restrictions for specifics on what is allowed. Did you know you can purchase a suitcase weight from Amazon? I bought one and I love it because I’m always able to check the weight of our suitcase before returning home even with all of our souvenirs!

International Custom Forms

Did you know that when flying on an international flight that you’ll be asked to fill out a customs form during the flight so that you will have it ready when you go through customs at your destination? Some information you’ll need is the address of where you’ll be staying, your arrival flight number and your departure flight number. It’s much easier to come prepared with this information the try to locate it when your mid-flight with no Wi-Fi access.


You might be nervous when it's your first time flying, our tips will help!

In-Flight Entertainment

Some flights have Wi-Fi on board that can be purchased. However, sometimes you can use the Wi-Fi free of charge to browse the airline’s apps. You’ll want to have these already downloaded onto your devices ahead of time. For instance, if you’re flying American Airlines you’ll want to download their app ahead of time so you enjoy watching their collection of movies and TV shows during your flight.

Apple Wallet and Boarding Passes

You can store your boarding passes in your Apple Wallet which is pretty handy.  Once you check into your flight you can put them into your wallet. I  recommend having a paper copy too as a backup in case you getting the dreaded “low battery” notification.

The Early Bird Makes His Flight

If your flight is taking off at 8 am it would be wise to arrive at least two hours prior to your flight and for international flights it’s recommended that you arrive 3 hours early. If you’re traveling during a holiday or with a large group you’re going to want to follow these suggestions. You never know what issues might arise so it’s better to be than sorry and allow extra time for the unexpected.


First time flying tips and tricks

Remember to Check-In Ahead of Time

You can check into your flight 24 hrs prior to its departure time. If you’re flying on an airline like Southwest (with open seating) you’re going to want to set an alarm and check in on the 24 hr mark to get an earlier boarding group.

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Whether it's your first time flying or you're just looking for flying tips, we've got some flight hacks for you. If you have a fear of flying, these tips should help ease your mind. #airport #flying #tips #traveltips #travel













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