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Should You Visit Las Vegas With Kids?

Las Vegas, Nevada is a popular destination. It’s known for their vibrant nightlife, the 4-mile long Strip, and 24-hr Casinos. We’ve seen this destination portrayed as the ultimate girls or guys getaway location on movies and TV shows. This was my impression of what Vegas was like. So when we were invited to Vegas for a wedding I was very curious about what it would be like to travel there as a family with young kids.

When planning our visit I asked several people to share their thoughts about traveling to Las Vegas with kids. The responses were all over the map! There were some who passionately expressed that “Vegas was no place for children” while others strongly encouraged the idea. I’m never one to pass up a travel experience so we booked our flights and away we went!

Planning Your Visit to Las Vegas

During our visit, I learned so much that would help improve our next visit. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your trip to Las Vegas with kids:

  • Pick the right accommodations! Some hotels are better for families like the Mirage Hotel & Casino. It’s home to the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat and shows like Cirque du Soleil. The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casio which has the famous Shark Reef Aquarium. You will also find plenty of kid-friendly food options at the hotel’s 20 restaurants! You might also like the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, their pools, waterfalls, and river-pools are sure to please any kid! 
  • Rent a car or get ready to spend some $$. If you’re staying on the Strip and you don’t want to walk long distances between your planned activities, I recommend renting a car. It was very expensive to take taxis everywhere. You might be used to taking an Uber or Lyft but they are not allowed to pick up and drop off at the front of the hotels which makes it hard to use them.
  • Plan to avoid the strip at night and expect it to be an expensive trip (keep reading for more details).

Family-Friendly Activites in Vegas with Kids

Here is a list of kid-friendly activities that you can enjoy with the whole family:

M&M World is a great place to see when visiting Vegas with kids.

Comment below if you have other suggestions on things you can do in Vegas with kids.

What Every Parent Should Know

Vegas during the day is VERY different than Vegas at night. We learned quickly that by the time the sunset, we wanted to be in our hotel room away from the chaos! At night the strip was crowded and completely unpredictable. We didn’t know what we might see from one block to the next. To be honest, it was a little scary for my younger kids.

Visiting Vegas with kids is possible. Plan well and prepare for the big city.

Let’s talk about how expensive a visit to Las Vegas can be. Food and lodging are very expensive the closer you are to the strip. The activities and shows are also costly if you have a large family. This is certainly something to consider when planning your trip.

Beyond Las Vegas 

To be honest, the best part of our trip to Vegas was when we left the city and took a trip to Zion National Park. Escaping the busy city life and exploring one of the most beautiful areas in Utah was the highlight of our entire vacation. If you’re visiting Vegas with the family I highly recommend making the 2 1/2 hour drive to spend a couple of days at Zion. They have some great hiking trails for kids and the views…the incredible views will take your breath away!

When visiting Vegas with kids you must take a day trip to Zion National Park.

The views in Zion National Park are worth the drive when visiting Las Vegas with kids.

There are always travel destinations that rank higher than others and while Vegas doesn’t stand out as a kid-friendly location, I still encourage you to visit with the family. I’d much rather my children experience a destination and form their own opinions about it, isn’t that the beauty of an adventure?!

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  1. In the Mirage the statues come alive and the whole roof is like a rainbow. Kids and adults like them. Circus DE Ole and the pirate ship show at Treasure Island were amazing. Some of the hotels if you book ahead will have your rooms with wifi, pools to swim, gyms to work out all for free. If they like to shop there is a lot of cool souvenirs you can buy ( especially t-shirts) for cheap. Go to the CVS pharmacy if your on the strip for discounted everything, csndy, food, beer, liqui op r, cigs, milk or whatever you need (batteries , film ect. And if your willing to sit for a 1 1/2 hour condo timeshare you can earn FREE tickets or money to a lot of the places like the aquarium.

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