Spring Break Travel Plans – Moms Are You Doing All The Work?

travel plans for spring break

travel plans for spring break
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Spring Break Travel Plans

Spring break is an exciting time of year! It’s a great chance for families to embrace a new adventure and to spend some much-needed quality time together. My family of five likes to load our SUV down and take off on a road trip somewhere new.

I have found myself becoming more of a last-minute travel planner. According to a recent survey conducted by Vacatia, TravelingDad, and TravelingMom, I’m not the only one. The survey revealed that 28% of respondents “will figure out their Spring Break vacation details at the last minute”! Whew, it’s good to know I’m not alone.

Moms, Are You Doing All The Work?

Now moms, let’s take a minute to discuss the fact that 47% of respondents say “Mom has the power” when making plans for Spring break. With great power comes great responsibility, so when things don’t go as planned, moms are also catching all the blame!


We know moms are amazing at planning, coordinating, and keeping everyone happy.  My ‘A’ type personality use to jump at the chance to over-think and plan out every minute of our family adventures together.

Trying to be in control of our travel plans ended during a trip I took to Costa Rica. I traveled with a group of women and our destination and itinerary were planned out for us. It was the first time I allowed someone else to take the driver’s seat and guess what? I survived the experience! Not only did the trip go well, but I discovered how refreshing it can be when someone else takes charge!

The only question I asked myself was “Why did it take SO LONG for me to figure this out”.

My family now falls in with the 11% that say “family vacation planning is a team sport–they use a democratic approach that gives everyone a vote”.  Moms — the survey showed “only 3 percent say dad is the primary decision maker during spring break”.

What can we do to help change the way family planning is accomplished? Try these suggestions to get the entire family involved in your travel plans!

  • Take a vote on which destination to visit  
  • Give everyone an assignment (research an activity, plan a meal, create a must-see list)
  • Let each family member pick one thing to do or see during each trip (even the little ones can make suggestions)  
  • Create a check-list and SHARE it with everyone
  • ASK FOR HELP (you can do it!) 

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