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7 Annoying Truths About Working From Home


I’ve been in the situation many times when the conversation heads in the direction of secular work and I brace myself for what I know is coming. When I share that I work from home I’m already prepared for the list of possible responses. Sometimes you get the “oh that’s cute” tone, other times people are genuinely intrigued and want a class on how to do what you do.

If you too work from home, you might appreciate these 7 annoying truths that most of us can relate to.

1. Your Office Space is in Close Proximity to a Sink of Dirty Dishes

If you work from home, odds are you’re working in all areas of the house. Sometimes this means that instead of an office view of the city, you’re looking at dirty dishes, a playroom full of toys, or the empty wall in your bedroom. While it is nice to be able to work within the comfort of your own home, that also means you have to block out the to-do list on the fridge, the spiderwebs on the ceiling, and the millions of other imperfections you see around you.  Having a true “work only” space is hard to achieve when you’re working from home.

Working from home humor to make you laugh

2. People Don’t See You As “Really” Working

This is probably the most annoying truth of all! When family and friends know that you work from home they rarely treat you like you have a “real job”. They’ll ask you to do things and assume you can always be available because I mean we must be sitting at home eating moon pies and binge-watching “Friends” all day (this has only happened like once ok)! But seriously, it’s a real struggle to get people to respect your schedule.

3. You Never Clock Out

Yes, we might have set times during the day when we work but somehow when your job can be done from the inside of your home it never feels like your “off”. When I’m sitting down to watch a movie I always think I could be working on a project at the same time. If I can’t sleep at night I have a tendency to finish a work task. There is no such thing as “clocking out” or “not bringing work home with you” when your job is at the same place where you eat, sleep, and LIVE!

4. Feast or Famine All Day Every Day

A full fridge might mean that I feast all-day long because I have to fuel all these amazing ideas I’m going to have right?! If I’ve neglected to go grocery shopping I might skip breakfast and lunch all week. When you’re working from home you might get into a routine of not breaking for lunch or just snacking all day long on the foods in your house. It’s a constantly feast or famine around here!

empty fridge working from home humor

5. People Remind You Constantly That You Should Be Grateful 

Yes, I know, it’s a wonderful and beautiful (rainbows and butterflies) thing that I get to work from home. You’ve said it and I’ve heard it. While I do consider it a huge blessing and I’m very happy to be home when the kids are home from school, it doesn’t mean that it’s as glorious as you might think! Sure I don’t have to face complicated coworkers day in and day out but you know what, sometimes it would be nice to have someone to bounce an idea off of.

Yes, I can stay in my pajamas all day if I wanted to (and I have many many times) but that doesn’t mean that this is something that I want to do EVERY DAY. Of course, my schedule is more flexible and I don’t have to worry about how many vacation days I have left but as I’ve mentioned before my job is also NEVER done. I feel like I haven’t been “off” work for 2 years straight.

People who work from home know how nice is it to have the opportunity to do so. I promise we remember that without you reminding us every time we talk. Just sayin…

6. You’re at Risk of Getting the “Hot Mess Syndrome”  

You had no plans to see anyone today, maybe you put off a shower for just “one more day” which is no big deal until you realize you must leave the house for something. You get in the car in your baggy sweats, your hair in a knotted bun (which is pretty much your only hairstyle these days) and you leave without even glancing in the mirror. There would have been a time in your life when you would have NEVER done this. Working from home puts you at risk for the “hot mess syndrome”, meaning you’ll find yourself more and more likely to walk out of the house looking like a hot mess.

hot mess working from home humor

7. You’ve Never Seen More Distractions in All Your Life

No matter where you are, there will always be distractions. Around my house, we like to say “squirrel” when someone gets sidetracked. You know a dog will be focused intently on something until it sees a squirrel. There are a lot of “squirrels” at home. There is no one there telling you to get back on track. The T.V., social media, the pets or kids, can all be distractions. Life, in general, can be a distraction, paying bills, running errands, doing laundry. At times I’ve spent a whole day trying to break free from distractions. You eventually learn how to cope with them but they’re always there…..waiting…..for……SQURRIEL….wait, what was I talking about?

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