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Places to Eat in Navarre Beach

Travel + Food = THE BEST VACATION EVER! Seriously though, food is always one of the highlights for me from our travels. Seeing new sights and trying new dishes is the perfect recipe for a great day.

We visited the beautiful Navarre Beach in Florida and I must say, it was one of the most wonderful beach trips we’ve taken. To see everything we did during our visit click here.

Picnics on the beach are awesome but if you’re feeling up to enjoying some incredible food we’ve got a list of places you MUST TRY!

Where to eat in Navarre Beach Florida Beach House Bar and Grille

WindJammers on the Pier

Enjoying a meal with a view is always a highlight when visiting the beach and WindJammers is located at the entrance of a pier. Enjoy lunch and then a stroll overlooking the blue water. We enjoyed a late lunch and the place was filled with a ton of locals. You can tell it’s a great spot to catch up with friends. The food was delicious. We enjoyed seafood tacos and shrimp.

TC’s Front Porch

If you’re looking for a great breakfast place then look no further than TC’s Front Porch. You can enjoying dining inside or outside. We chose to sit on some bar stools looking out at the street. It was fun drinking coffee and watching the locals carry on with their daily routine.

I’m a HUGE breakfast fan. In fact, if I could only eat one meal a day I would probably choose breakfast! TC’s Front Porch has a breakfast meal that’s a biscuit, eggs, bacon and then it’s covered in gravy. It’s also served with the most delicious scone I’ve ever had!

Beach House Bar and Grille

If I had to pick our favorite place in Navarre, the Beach H Bar and Grille would probably be it. The location, view, and food could not be beaten. The first day we enjoyed lunch outside on the patio looking out as the waves crashed on the shore. Our condo was located nearby making it the perfect place to grab a bite.

The second time we visited during our trip, we went at night and sat on the patio next to the fire pits and enjoyed an adult beverage. It was very relaxing and you could hear the waves as they approached the shore in the dark, it was music to my ears.

You must try their blacked fish sandwich with the broccoli slaw and don’t forget to enjoy a bowl of gumbo.

Where to eat in Navarre Beach Florida Beach House Bar and Grille
Where to eat in Navarre Beach Florida Beach House Bar and Grille

Sailer’s Grill

This is the best family-friendly restaurant! As a mom to three I’m always looking for places that are kid-friendly and have a relaxed atmosphere. We visited the Sailer’s Grill on our anniversary and watching the sunset while enjoying a meal was the perfect way to end our day.

Where to eat in Navarre Beach Florida Sailers Grill

The Slippery Mermaid

Did the name clue you into to what type of food is served at this restaurant? If you guessed seafood then you would be right! The Slippery Mermaid is a sushi bar right in the heart of Navarre. We enjoyed a variety of colorful and creative selections inside the most adorable cottage. This spot is one of the local’s favorites.

Blackwater Bistro

If you’re feeling up for a bit of an adventure then slip out of town to Milton, FL which is home to Adventures Unlimited where you can go zip-lining or kayaking down the Blackwater River.

Milton is also home to the Blackwater Bistro where we enjoyed brunch at a beautiful quaint house which is full of rich history. Their breakfast options were so amazing that I had a hard time choosing what I should try. My husband enjoyed a phenomenal Bloody Mary while we were eating outside on the big front porch.

We noticed so many families coming to enjoy a late brunch with a variety of mimosas. It’s worth the drive!

Scoops Ice Cream Shop

After a long day full of adventure, we were excited to stop by this adorable ice cream shop. I love finding vintage places when we travel and this charming place could be found right downtown Milton, FL. They take ice cream to a whole new level and they create some impressive desserts like a donut ice cream sandwich. We loved our afternoon snack at Scoops.

Enjoy Navarre, Florida

We believe Navarre, FL is a very special place that has many wonderful restaurants that any food enthusiast would greatly appreciate. Be sure to let us know if you try any of the places we mention. We love turning our experiences into helpful guides for our readers.

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