5 Critical Tips To Move A Large Family

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When it comes to moving your large family it can be a huge undertaking from start to finish. Not only is it a challenge for you but it can also be a challenge for the moving company that’s doing the work for you. To prepare everyone for this large transition, there are a few things you can do to make it more efficient for everyone involved and help ease you and your loved ones into this. 

  1. Organize and Prepare– As mom’s one of our biggest things to help things run easier in the family is by organizing and preparing as much as possible. Depending on the age of your children, talk to them about what’s happening so they understand what’s going on around them. Children get attached to their homes, their neighborhood, and familiar sights and sounds that we may take for granted. In a large family, it’s important to work all together to go through the emotional process that comes with moving altogether. Help ease their minds about the relocation as much as possible before the move to make it easier. You can help them pick out their favorite toys to put in a special box that they can bring with them on the big moving day or look through items to give away to new kids to enjoy. Having them help can have a big impact on them too.
  1. Understand Different Types Of Stress– Some of the best tips for moving are psychological and physical. To help reduce the physical stress, organize and pack while still trying to maintain a normal schedule. To help with the psychological stress find a way to help everyone in your family work through the challenges of moving. Help them by focusing on the benefits of moving such as talking about a new adventure, better weather, a bigger room, more space for running, etc. Help your child work through the stress or anxiety they might be going through and also make sure to monitor your own as well. Your kids do notice if you’re stressed so try your best to do what you can in front of them. Show affection, understanding and be a good listener to their worries.
  1. Make It A Game –  You know your family best and what better time than to make moving a fun game for everyone! Working together to complete a task together will make moving fun for the entire family. One game could be to race to pack. Put a box in everyone’s room and give them three minutes to pack a box. One box can be designated for clothing one day while another day can be for toys, shoes, or games. It may not be the prettiest packaging but it might help them enjoy the process. Let’s face it, packing your large family is a huge task at hand but if your kids see that it’s fun and everyone is enjoying it, it may change their mind on the process at hand. It can also help you declutter everything as well. Phew! 
Moving a family Tips To Move A Large Family
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  1. Don’t Let The Cost Stress You – Moving can be extremely costly but several affordable moving services can safely move your large family. One quality company you should call is Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC  These experienced and professional movers have the proper equipment to not only move your items safely but also ensure that your timeless papers, documents, and family heirloom is cared for from point A to point B. They offer a variety of services including furniture delivery in Youngstown, Ohio, labor only, apartment moving and and storage. Be sure to give them a call if you need someone to help you during this time.
  1. Keep Them Entertained – As the initial move is happening, depending on how long your move maybe, you want to make sure everyone is entertained. Moving can be boring for your kids so come up with some fun games to play in the car together. This can also help eliminate the dreaded “Are we there yet” question over and over again. Some fun games could be playing “ I Spy”, “License plate” or giving them some crayons and coloring books to help distract them. Avoid tablets if you can. 

Moving can be a huge undertaking for everyone involved. The more you get your children involved with helping, talking about the move, the benefits, and keeping them as calm and excited as possible, the easier the move can be. Allow them to ask questions, be a shoulder to listen too and if possible even tour your new neighborhood and home together so they know what’s expected. This is such an exciting time and I know that these tips can help you.

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