Protecting my device on the go
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We are a traveling family and it seems we are always taking off on a new adventure. Since we are on the go, we really wear out things like our luggage, vehicle, electronics and more! I’m always looking for ways to protect these valuable items.

I am excited that I had the chance to review the intelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector. I have found that it is a great way to protect the screens on our devices. Our phones and tablets are one of our most useful tools when traveling. We use them for everything! Researching destinations, navigation, pictures, entertainment for the kids, and so much more. Now that I have this wonderful screen protector I’m no longer bothered by oil and smudges on my screens. It’s also great for the impact and scratch protection that I’m constantly worried about. It does all of this without compromising the clarity or visual appearance of my screen.

We installed the intelliGLASS HD – Apple iPad 2 Screen Protector. I have had screen protection nightmare installations in the past and was so appreciative to find that the intelliGLASS was simple and easy to install! When it arrived in the mail it came with everything I would need for a successful installation along with easy to understand instructions.

Protecting my device on the go

As we have been using this product and working on our devices we have found that the quality is far above our other previous screen protectors we have used. It’s super thin, making it look sleek and smooth! I had several people comment on how clear it looks. I can continue to have a clear image on my device without sacrificing protection. Did you know intelliGLASS is designed to have better scratch resistance than steel? Our on the go family loved this product and will continue to use them in the future! Protecting my device on the go is important to me and I appreciate that intelliGLASS helps me accomplish this.

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