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A Bag For Every Occasion

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Our year was full of travel, just the way I like it. In fact, our family may have set a record for the number of days we spent traveling this year. Every new excursion was different, however, they all had one thing in common. This one common element also happens to have been my least favorite part of travel; the packing!

Traveling with a family of five can sometimes be a challenge. The most ambitious part of adventuring is most certainly the task of organizing. It can be a real struggle to find the right resources to make the packing chore less of a headache and more of a painless part of the process. Check out my review of the ZUCA bags.

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ZUCA Bag Review

I was intrigued by ZUCA products the first time I came across them. I was immediately fascinated with how many different types and designs there were to chose from, this meant I would easily find something that each person in my family could use and would fit each of their personalities. You can find bags to organize different areas of your life such as; Beauty & Business,  School & Sport, Outdoor & Performance. They even have bags for your pets! Shopping for your bag is the best part, my three girls and I had fun choosing the right bag for our travel needs. ZUCA encourages you to design a bag that’s right for you. First you pick an insert (they have a large variety to chose from), next you pick a frame, and finally, you can personalize it with your name, favorite sports team, or whatever else your imagination can come up with!

My girls worked together to choose a Sports bag with insert and frame and we excitedly awaited the arrival of our new travel bag! It came just in time, as my kids were getting ready for a week-long stay at grandma’s house. I have three girls and two of them are in school so trying to pack and organize them for an extended stay anywhere can feel overwhelming. Once I starting using the ZUCA bags, I realized my packing woes were solved, it was a “game changer” as my husband would say.

After a real-time test of our ZUCA bags, I must share with you some of my favorite aspects of this modern way to stay organized on-the-go!

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All the reasons to love ZUCA bags:

  • They are extremely durable. My three girls wheeled their bag around everywhere, up steps, into the vehicle, down the driveway, you can tell it’s built to last!
  • They have a bag for every occasion. Are you a student carrying around a lot of books? What about a parent whose kids play different sports and you need a way to keep them organized with their own gear? Are you a business professional whose appearance and organizational skills need to reflect well to impress clients? Or perhaps you are like me and have an adventurous family who is packing often for the next travel experience. ZUCA bags are able to handle any of your on-the-go needs.
  • Your ZUCA bags will reflect your personality and style. What a fun way to get your kids excited about carrying their own things!
  • It is created with a built-in seat! I’m very excited about this.  A built-in seat will come in handy at sporting events, airport lines, and many other occasions. I also appreciated that on our sports bag the handle can be lowered or raised to accommodate either a child or adult.
Zuca bags are awesome for on-the-go families

Our family loves our ZUCA bags, it’s amazing how the right travel gear can make all the difference. My 9 year old says, “This bag is awesome, now I can carry my own stuff”. Mission accomplished ZUCA, you finally solved my packing issues! Don’t forget to use our exclusive ZUCA bag promo code for 2019!

Bags For All Occasions!


If you love Disc Golf you’re going to love the ZUCA Disc Golf Carts! These carts carry up to 32 discs, they have the built-in seat included. Rollers that are designed to go over rocks, sand, snow and rough terrain.

disc golf carts
ZUCA disc golf carts


If you frequently transport your small pet ZUCA makes pet bags that are customizable, it can be easily secured in your car, it has a built in leash and has a mobile seat for the pet owner.

ZUCA oet carriers


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best travel bags zuca review
The zuca bags are the best travel bags for the entire family.

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