Preparing For Back-To-School With Kids

Preparing for back-to-school

Preparing for back-to-school

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Here we go again, early bedtimes, early mornings, and much more coffee! It’s school time! Where did summer go?

I wanted to go over some of the Back To School Basics to help us all be better prepared for this big event!

Let’s get started!

First, it’s time to shop. We make this time fun and we always include a stop for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Let’s be honest, shopping with a bunch of little ones, spending lots of money on clothes they will outgrow in a minute, and the LONG list of school supplies, is enough to drive any overly tired parent crazy. However, my motto is that there isn’t anything ice cream can’t fix, so do yourself a favor and make time for a sweet treat!


School Supplies

They will be the death of me. Every year there is always something on the list that is nearly impossible to find. This year it was red plastic folders, apparently, every school within a 100-mile radius required these same folders because I couldn’t find them anywhere! My advice is START EARLY. Getting a few items here and there will be much easier than tackling it all at the last minute with every other parent. If you wait until right before school starts the chances are much higher that you won’t be able to find everything you need.

Discuss ahead of time with your child what kind of backpack they want this year, what superhero or princess are they into. This will save you a lot of time and energy once you reach the store. This year, for some unknown and unexplained reason, my middle daughter decided she just LOVES Hello Kitty, even though not one moment in the past 5 years of her little life has she ever mentioned this character before. Had I known this ahead of time I could have ordered one online instead of searching for a needle in a haystack to find the “right” Hello Kitty backpack!

back to school basics

back to school basics

The first day of school outfits is important. You will be taking their pictures on that first day of school and sending them to grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins, and your best friend’s sister’s twice removed, great aunt. You get the idea, the outfit will matter!

back to school basics


Remember This Occasion 

Whether it’s Kindergarten or 6th grade, each new year should be remembered! We create posters for our first day of school pictures and we document things like; what they want to be when they grow up, favorite color & foods. This is a great way not only to see how big they have gotten but to see how much they are growing and changing!


back to school basics

when i grow


Prepare The Night Before

I’m pretty sure it could be scientifically proven that time goes by faster during school mornings. We are rushing around collecting homework, backpacks, notes I was supposed to sign, snacks I was supposed to send, and so much more. Did they brush their teeth, brush their hair, and are they wearing the same shoes and by miracle are they on the right feet?! You can see why doing as much as you can the night before is the best way to ensure a less chaotic morning. Pack lunches and backpacks ahead of time. Pinterest has some great quick on-the-go breakfast ideas. Check out my Board here for some suggestions Easy Breakfast Ideas. One thing that helps our family the MOST is this handy clothes organizer. It’s simple, cheap, and works great! Sunday night I gather together the kid’s outfits for each day and I place them in the storage bin. Each morning they wake up they can easily access their clothes for the day.

 The finished product should be a back-to-school organizer where you can put clothes for everyday of the week

We hope everyone has a great FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL this year!

*Do you have any back to school suggestions? We want to hear them, comment below! 

Preparing for back to school time. Here is everything to get ready before the first day of school.

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